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TODAY is the day - sign up for garden waste collections

Today's the day that, with a simple click of your mouse, you can make this growing season's gardening duties that much easier by signing up for brown bin garden waste collections.

Go now to and say goodbye to the garden waste blues. For just £1.50 per collection (£30 for a complete growing season's single bin collection) Boston Borough Council will take your garden waste away every fortnight from this April to the end of November and then again from the end of February, 2019, to the end of March, 2019.

Grass cuttings, leaves, hedge and shrub trimmings, weeds and plants can all go in the brown bin.

You could even get the coming season's service for free - all existing online direct debit customers continuing with the service, and new online customers signing up by direct debit, can enter a prize draw and ten lucky winners will receive the 2018/19 garden waste collection service for FREE, to the value of £30. All those eligible will receive notification.

If you don't have the room, or don't want to home compost your garden waste, and don't want to ruin your car taking it to the tip - with the best of intentions garden waste can get left until its slimy and smelly - then a brown bin is the sensible option.

Sign up online today - no queuing, no waiting, no journey out into the cold and wet.  There has been no price increase from last year - it will still be £30 for the collection of a single bin and £15 for each additional bin. Still great value for money at just £1.50 per collection. New customers will have to pay £25 for the purchase and delivery of their brown bin.

Collections for the new 2018/19 growing season will start in April. Existing customers who signed up last year will receive the last of the current growing season's collection until the end of March. Those who signed up online AND made a direct debit payment arrangement AND want to continue in April need do nothing more. Those who signed up online but did not make a direct debit payment arrangement need to go to from today to sign up and pay again. Or make a direct debit arrangement and save themselves a job next time.

Once we have received your payment you will receive your 2018/19 stickers. You must write on your stickers, in permanent ink, your property number/name, street name and postcode. This will help safeguard your brown bin (which you own) and ensures your continued access to the service. Your sticker must be visible on your bin from April 1.

Cllr Michael Brookes, the council's Cabinet member for waste services, said: "I hope to welcome old and new customers to this service. They will find it to be the cleanest, most efficient and cost effective way of properly disposing of their garden waste. It is also a reliable and regular service which can be depended on."

For further information see Frequently Asked Questions and terms and conditions at

Garden waste customer Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Satisfied customer Charlie Pearce in his smart Butterwick garden with his garden waste bin at the ready for any pesky weeds which show their faces. He said: "It saves a long trip to the tip from here, which is time and money, so it makes economic sense and it saves the mess in your car. I think it's a first-rate service. All my grass clippings and shrub clippings go in, and away they go. It's just cut, clip, drop and forget."