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New Year, New You, New Boston

You will have heard the clich├ęd phrase New Year, New You. It is usually applied to those who may have overindulged during the festive season and perhaps need to shed a few pounds.

But I want to apply this well-worn phrase in a different and slightly extended way - New Year, New You, New Boston.

It's my New Year Resolution that in 2018 we look for the positives in and about Boston; let's always try to celebrate the good news.

When I was elected Boston's 483rd Mayor in May I am sure I echoed the ideals of the previous 482 Mayors that we all do our best for Boston.

I have said many times before that when I arrived here 46 years ago I simply fell in love with this town of Boston and its inhabitants and since May, with my wife at my side, Lady Mayoress Jayne, I have been meeting lots of good folk in this fine borough who do their best. I have seen that there is much to celebrate in people who also love to live here and who go that extra mile to do their bit for the community.

It has been a privilege to meet this silent "many" who beaver away at their good works quietly and unannounced, rarely, if ever, seeking praise for what they do for us all. Their actions speak volumes about their positive take on life.

Not everyone can be a volunteer and work in some capacity for the good of others, but we can all find ways to be positive and reject the negatives that some portray about our town.

I am very aware, and do at times sympathise with some of the growing concerns expressed by true Bostonians; those local families who have lived and worked here all their lives.

But nothing is ever achieved easily. So we must face our challenges together as a community.

Our futures may be about to flourish, and I am beginning to feel the same type of excitement I felt as a 17-year-old, when I set foot on the gangplank of the Duke of Abercorn passenger steamer, in Belfast Harbour, for my first solo foray to the wonderful country called England.

Our Borough remains vitally important to the nation. Yes, because of the volume of food grown here - life's staples such as wheat to make bread, sugar beet, potatoes and the best vegetables in the world; these are all treasures. But I want more.

I want us to seek out new horizons for employment, and opportunities for our gifted youth. These are reasons to be proud.

Let's all work better to give Boston a reputation that we can all be proud of.

I am not afraid of the future for our town, nor our borough so let us all dare to dream of a new tomorrow.

Feel brave, demand from our politicians a brighter and better future for this great, historic borough... because Boston people are good people, and Boston people  deserve no less than the very best.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas, and we can all look forward to a very happy and prosperous New Year.


Cllr Bernard Rush,



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Photographer: David Hart