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Whistleblowing up to latest standards

Boston Borough Council has updated and agreed its whistleblowing policy.

Cabinet members agreed the changes which bring the policy up to latest 2017 standards. The policy provides confidential reporting by council staff, seconded staff, external consultants, contractors and agency employees where there are concerns about the conduct of officers or members of the council, service provision or others acting on behalf of the council.

Under the updated policy there will be a requirement to report any disclosures to the council annually and information relating to fraud and corruption has been linked to whistleblowing.

Whistleblowing provides a protected route for reporting major concerns which fall outside the scope of other procedures and covers unlawful conduct or behaviour, issues against standing orders, financial regulations, contracts codes and other policies, miscarriages of justice, health and safety risks, damage to the environment, unauthorised use of public funds, possible fraud or corruption, unethical conduct and covering up wrongdoing.