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Warning after bid to steal pet

Dog owners have been put on high alert after details of an audacious attempt to steal a family pet from its Fishtoft owners were shared on Facebook.

The brazen thieves were seen to put the dog into a van outside its owner's home. A neighbour raised the alarm and the pet's owner gave chase in his car.

When the three occupants of the van were aware they were being pursued they callously threw the small dog from the van window.

The dog was retrieved, none the worse for its ordeal, and the owner eventually forced the van to stop. The incident has been reported to the police.

A dog owner said: "It's sad, but never leave your pet unattended, especially if it is one of the smaller sought-after pedigree breeds which can easily be scooped up. I don't even like to let my dogs off the lead for a good run where I am allowed to do so, if I can seen anybody else about. I would never let them run out of my sight. None of this is fault of dog owners, but you just need to be ultra cautious."