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Council's join forces to tackle fly tipping

Boston Borough Council, East Lindsey District Council, and South Holland District Council are joining forces in the fight against fly-tipping.

The 'Most People' campaign is being launched on Monday, October 16 to raise awareness about the duty of care that applies to households when disposing of their waste and unwanted items.

According to Keep Britain Tidy, 47% of people don't know they are responsible by law if a third party they have asked or paid to dispose of their waste, then subsequently fly tips that waste.

1,050 fly tips have been removed in the last year by Boston Borough Council, East Lindsey District Council have cleared 1,229 and South Holland District Council have cleared 906.

If residents use someone other than their local Council to take away unwanted items, through an advert, social media or those who approach residents directly, it is advised they check they are a registered waste carrier by asking to see their Waste Carriers Licence, if they are not registered, they could be a rogue trader.

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Councillor Michael Brookes, portfolio holder for waste services, said: "Fly tipping affects us all - it's unsightly and sometimes the materials dumped can be dangerous and it costs us all to clean it up. Often we find that fly-tipped rubbish could have been disposed of for free at the Household Waste Recycling Centre (the tip) or even collected by us as household waste or as recycled material. It surprises us that people will drive out into the countryside to fly tip when there are other arrangements in place for them.

"Anyone finding fly-tipped rubbish in the Boston borough can report it to us or, if they can, give details of who may have dumped the rubbish. They can call on 01205 314200 or fill out the online form 'report fly tipping' online at"

Portfolio holder for operational services at East Lindsey District Council, Councillor Sandra Harrison said: "Fly tipping is an issue which the Council takes very seriously. If householders are being approached by cold callers and paying for services with cash, they should be vigilant as they could be rogue traders. East Lindsey is a beautiful rural district and no-one should be allowed to spoil that.  It is extremely irresponsible for anybody to fly tip. If anyone witnesses a fly tip we'd encourage them to take the details and let us have the information as soon as possible on 01507 601111 or online at . I hope this campaign will help householders when they have rubbish they need to dispose of."

Councillor Roger Gambba-Jones, portfolio holder for waste services at South Holland District Council, said: "Fly tipping blights the area for everyone making the place unsightly, potentially hazardous and often attracting even more such dumping.

"When there is clear evidence of this illegal activity on public land we will look to take action and trace where the waste originally came from.  

"So if you intend to use anyone other than the Council to dispose of bulky waste, such as furniture and white goods, or even normal black bag waste, you must make sure they have a waste carrier license, or you could be hit hard in the pocket. 

"Fly-tipping can be reported to South Holland District Council by calling 01775 761161 or online at"

The Councils will also be increasing surveillance in areas where fly-tipping occurs to deter people from illegally dumping waste.

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