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Never be caught short again

FREE dog poo bag dispensers

Christine Drake and Jack, her border collie, will never be caught short and risk a £100 penalty, thanks to Boston Big Local and Boston Borough Council.

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Christine is pictured being handed a free dog poo bag dispenser by Richard Tory, chairman of Boston Big Local (BBL), left, and Cllr Michael Brookes, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for waste services.

BBL has made 500 of the handy dispensers, which all come with a full roll of dog poo bags, available for free. The handy dispensers can be reloaded with rolls of bags which can be bought locally, and have a handy clip to attach to dog leads. So pet owners can always be sure of being fully equipped every time they go for "walkies" with their dog.

Pet owners can pick up one of the dispensers for free from the council's main reception in West Street. They will also be handed out to dog walkers by the council's environmental enforcement officers.

This latest initiative to encourage dog walkers to clean up after their pets follows new rules introduced by the council which means those who cannot produce a dog poo bag could face a £100 penalty charge.

Mr Tory said: "There are many obvious reasons why people should clean up after their dogs and this initiative fits one of Boston Big Local's themes of helping make the local environment more attractive.

"There's nothing attractive about a pile of dog mess left where people can see it and, worse, step into it."

Cllr Brookes added: "I am grateful for this assistance from Boston Big Local. This is a simple way to be sure anyone walking a dog can be equipped to clean up after their pet. The dispenser means they cannot be caught without a bag and, displayed on their dog's lead, they provide a very public assurance that they have the intention to do the right thing. And then there's the no small matter of not ending up with a £100 bill to pay."

Christine said: "I always make sure I have bags with me when I walk Jack. But these dispensers, attached to your dog's lead, makes sure you never go out and forget to take a bag. You can be sure you always have plenty to hand... and sometimes you need more than one!"

Fines for failing to clean up after a dog, allowing a dog into an enclosed children's play area or refusing to put a dangerous or nuisance dog on a lead have all now been set at £100.

Public consultation showed that 90 per cent were in favour of it being an offence for dog walkers not to carry a bag or the means at all times to clean up after their dog. And 74 per cent agreed the fine should be £100.

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Well done Jack, and well done Christine, as she makes a "deposit" in the Central Park dog poo bin on behalf of her faithful border collie.

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