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Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) - Alcohol

Notice is hereby given that Boston Borough Council ('the Council') proposes to make the following Order under section 59 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 ('the Act') as follows.

This Order may be cited as the Public Spaces Protection Order (Alcohol) (Boston Borough Council) 2017 and comes into force on 12th January 2018. This Order will have effect for a period of 3 years, until 11th January 2021.

The effect of this Order is to prohibit consumption of alcohol within an area and to require specified things to be done by person/s consuming alcohol in that area.

The 'area' referred to is that as set out in the plans attached to this Order shown at Appendix 1.

1. This Order applies to all persons within the area, whether resident or otherwise, at all times.

2. Pursuant to section 63 of the Act, where a Police Officer, Community Support Officer or other Authorised Person requires that a person desists from consuming alcohol (or the item reasonably believed to be alcohol), or surrender the alcohol (or item which is reasonably believed to be alcohol) and the person fails to do so, that person shall be committing an offence as set out below.

3. A person who fails without reasonable excuse to comply with a requirement imposed on him or her by a Police Officer, Community Support Officer or other Authorised Person as set out at point 2 above, commits an offence and is liable;

i. on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £500;

ii. or to a fixed penalty notice not exceeding £100

(if the fixed penalty has not been paid within 14 days following the date of the notice, that person may be convicted of an offence as set out at point i above).

4. A Police Officer, Community Support Officer or other Authorised Person may dispose of anything surrendered pursuant to this Order, as they see fit.

For any queries please contact Community Safety Team on

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