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Celebrating the social history of Boston

What started as an experiment to preserve stories of Boston's past and photos in print, became a regular publication which has gone from strength to strength and now celebrates its fifth year in publishing.

The Boston Old Times, a bi-monthly magazine, was first published in October/November 2012 and featured an article about local fishermen taken as prisoners of war. The magazine continues to cover the memories and historical research of members of the public and regular contributors.

Helen S. Shinn, author and editor of The Boston Old Times said "Over the last five years the variety of stories we've covered from Boston's past has been incredible. This is a tribute to the wide ranging research interests of readers who have contributed articles and generously shared their research findings, knowledge and passion with us all.

"The history of Boston is not just about the buildings, wonderful as they are, but is about the people and that is what we have been able to celebrate I think - the achievements of the people, however humble they may have been."

She also wanted to thank local businesses for their support, "The project would not have got off the ground without the kind support of local businesses who support the printing through advertisements that start at just £5 per issue."

To celebrate the milestone of five years in publishing, a special fifth anniversary book, The Old Days in Boston, has been published. The book contains a collection of completely new stories and photos, with fascinating information about the buildings around Market Place and the pubs and Inns of Boston. Included is an index to the first 30 issues of The Boston Old Times.

In addition to producing the bi-monthly magazine, Helen runs a shop in Silver Court, Boston. The shop helps generate income for publication costs and allows people to visit with stories and photos for scanning.

Looking back over the last five years, Helen recalls how, following the publication of a story about fishermen prisoners of war in 1914, she met with a lady she recognised as her Primary school teacher, who turned out to be a relation. The lady recognised her great grandfather as one of POW's in the story and this transpired to be the same man Helen knew to be her great grandfather.

For more information, contact Helen S. Shinn by email at or telephone on 07950 872527.

The Boston Old Times shop front Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

The Boston Old Times shop front.

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The Old Days in Boston fifth annivarsary book.

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A closer look inside the book.