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Modernising Municipal Buildings

Major works are now underway at Boston Borough Council's offices in West Street to provide an improved one-stop shop for public services.

Municipal Buildings is Edwardian and was designed and built with spacious offices with high ceilings in the style of the day, accommodating the council, the police, complete with cells, the fire service and the library.

Over time the building was occupied by only borough council staff. But a revolution has been underway for some time now to make better and more economic use of the space. Large rooms which previously accommodated just a few staff have been merged with neighbouring offices to create large open-plan, modern offices for many more staff. This has enabled new ways of working, leading to improved use of shared space, equipment and facilities and seamless communication between departments.

Better use of available space has led to the probation service, the registrar's office and a range of other Lincolnshire County Council services being accommodated within Municipal Buildings. And now the current remodelling work will allow the Department for Work and Pensions to move in. This generates much-needed revenue for the council, achieves significant accommodation savings for the DWP and will provide a more efficient service for the public.

The main entrance has been closed to all but those wishing to visit the registrar and a new, temporary reception has been set up further along West Street.

Cllr Martin Griggs said: "I appreciate the inconvenience the works bring, however, all of our services are still available and it is business as usual by all departments in Municipal Buildings. When complete, Municipal Buildings will be even more of a one-stop shop for our residents and will provide a bright, new front-of-house for all of our existing services."

The capital works, amounting to more than £1.2 million are being fully funded by the Treasury and are set to take six months to complete.