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PLEASE... don't bag your blue bin rubbish

Sorry, but we can no longer deal with recycled material presented like this.

If you use a bin liner in the bins in your home please ensure that the collected material is tipped loose, out of the bags, into your blue wheelie bin.

Why? Because the bin liners cannot be recycled and because they can hide items which at best cannot be recycled and at worst may pose a hazard to our collectors and sorters. Recently such a bag was found to contain dozens of used hypodermic needles.

Plus, if the material is placed loose in the bin you can get more in.

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If they make it all the way to the recycling centre they waste more time and put the load at risk of being rejected because of contamination that may be hidden in them. This is out of the control of the council, but will cost all of us as council tax payers when the waste has to be redirected into another disposal stream.

Any extra time spent dealing with waste costs money - your money. So please help us to help you.

Bins containing bags WILL NOT be emptied. A sticker will be applied explaining why the bin has not been emptied.

If your bin is full you can get free blue bags from the borough council for excess waste. These should be presented at the side of the bin, NOT in it. Cramming them into the bin will leave the lid open and that fouls the automatic mechanical tipping system on the lorry.

If you have shredded paper that you want to dispose of please place this bagged in your household (green) bin.

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