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Email fraud - Residents beware

As previously reported March 21, 2017, local residents reported receiving emails claiming to be from the council and asking for bank details.

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New reports coming in suggest fraudsters continue to apply similar tactics to extract personal details from unsuspecting people. Residents of Guildford Borough Council have received emails with a false domain name, going by the name HMRC Gov UK.

This type of scam is known as 'phishing', where the sender disguises themselves as a trustworthy entity in order to trick victims into revealing sensitive personal information.

Guildford reassured residents that details had not been obtained from its systems and personally identiļ¬able information held by the authority was secure.

"Guildford Borough Council has become aware of an email phishing scam which is using a spoofed (false) sender address," a spokesperson for the council stated.

"Please be advised that this is a phishing email scam and it is not a message from Guildford Borough Council. If you receive this email you should not click on any of the links it contains and immediately delete it.

Boston Borough Council has not received any new reports from local residents but everyone is advised be on their guard for anything similar.