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Sign up for water warnings

Water is one of life's essentials, so it is understandable that it would be very worrying if the taps ever ran dry because of a burst main or something similar. Even more so if you are elderly, live alone and may not be very mobile.

Sometimes an interruption of the water supply is unavoidable, for necessary maintenance, for instance. On these occasions the length of time is kept to a minimum and prior notice is given to customers. 

However, there are occasions where there can be an unplanned interruption, like a burst main.

Anglian Water offers a special service to customers in vulnerable circumstances so that they get early warning of any planned interruption to water supplies so they have more time to prepare. And during unplanned issues, the same people are prioritised.

Anglian Water's Priority Watercare Service offers:

Applying is easy, you can apply online at: or complete and return a registration form, available here:

If you have a family member or neighbour who may qualify who does not have access to the internet you can apply on their behalf.

Boston Borough Council provides an assisted bin collection service for residents who are not able to put their own wheelie bins out for collection. If you are one of these you may qualify for the Anglian Water service.

If you would like to find out more about applying for the assisted bin collection service, please call 01205 314200 where an application form can be filled out for you or a visit arranged.