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Help launch Boston teenage market

A bid has been launched to hold a teenage market in Boston next year, providing a platform for younger residents to be entrepreneurial, trial new business ideas and sell creative products.

Boston Youth Council aims to give teenagers a free platform to showcase their creative talents.

It is hoping to gather support for the initiative with a crowdfunding page to raise a targeted £1,000 to help run the markets and associated public events for two years. Go to to make a donation to help the youth councillors.

They said: "It's all about supporting young people as the next generation of market traders and bringing an influx of energy, vibrancy and diversity to our market town of Boston. This will be a perfect opportunity for our market to connect with the town's population of young people, by providing a platform for them to be entrepreneurial, trial new business ideas and sell creative products.

"As well as a creative retail offer, a really important part of our Teenage Market events is performance. Whether it's young bands, dancers, musicians or stand-up comedians, our events will be an amazing opportunity for young performers to showcase their creative talents in the heart of Boston. The events will also be great for large, local community groups to showcase their unique skills and talents, who also bring along friends and family for support."

The funding will go towards purchasing a package to facilitate the running of a teenage market. The youth council will play a major part in funding and organising the event with the support of Boston Borough Council.

Boston Youth Council is made up of young people aged between 11 and 18  who either live or go to school in Boston.

Members work with officers and elected members to ensure the voices of young people are heard and engage in projects to raise awareness of young people's issues and to be a platform for consultation.

The teenage market initiative is a prime example of partnership working with the council. The idea was originally suggested by the council's Prosperous Boston Task and Finish Group which has been looking at ways to make Boston better for residents and visitors.