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Get in, Go far

Boston Borough Council was awarded an Apprentice Employer Award in recognition of their variety of apprentice roles and careers at the recent Boston College Apprenticeship Awards 2017.

Amanda Mosek, Principal at Boston College, said: "The Apprenticeship strapline "Get in, Go far" makes complete sense to the growing number of people who are developing their skills at work through an apprenticeship programme. It also makes sense across the business community where they are seen as an effective way to bridge skills gaps, grow new talent and improve productivity.

"Recent changes to apprenticeship funding have added further momentum, with more engagement from large companies and a new range of employer-designed standards that lead directly to fulfilling and well-rewarded careers.

"Better still, there are a growing number of higher and degree apprenticeships which combine to provide a genuine alternative to formal higher education pathways. Reaching such levels whilst earning and not accruing debt is a further clear benefit, but with new expectations comes higher demands and success in apprenticeships is by no means an easy or second rate option. All the more reason to mark these achievements.

"Seeing the citations of today's award nominees is a source of pride, not just in the Apprentices, but also the Lincolnshire employers who believe and invest in them and our own staff at Boston College, who provide support from recruitment to achievement. I am also immensely grateful to our regional branch of the Federation of Small Businesses who has sponsored these awards. It seems especially appropriate as many FSB members will have started their own careers as apprentices before going on to own and manage their business and so underscoring perfectly the worth of an apprenticeship."

An Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training in the workplace, and classroom or workshop based learning at College. It will provide you with job-specific skills for your chosen career, a wage, a nationally recognised qualification that is related to the job, and the opportunity to improve your English, Maths and IT skills, if required.

If you are about to leave school and like the idea of getting straight into work, or if you are already working and need to secure a qualification to back up your experience, or to help you progress your existing career, an apprenticeship could be for you.

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