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Dog fouling: A message to pet owners from Boston Borough Council

If you walk a dog you have a legal responsibility for cleaning up after it when it defecates. It is your responsibility to clean up - not the responsibility of the parish council, the borough council, the county council.... or anyone else. Everyone knows that, even if they claim not to!

No one wants to see, smell, or worse, step into, a pile of dog poo that an inconsiderate owner has knowingly left behind. Dog faeces present a real health hazard to children in particular - they can cause blindness.

Failing to clean up after your dog in this borough is now punishable by a fine of £100. In fact failing to be able to demonstrate your intention to clean up - producing a poo bag for instance - is now punishable by a £100 fine.

In addition to the borough council's own enforcement officers the council has now also enlisted the services of a private enforcement company, 3GS. Their uniformed enforcement officers, who are ex-military, will be mounting surveillance in hot-spot areas and after hours, so early morning and after-dark dog walkers can be dealt with. They are equipped to confirm an offender's identity and issue an on-the-spot fine.

The borough council is happy to accept information which can help deal with offenders, but the public is asked not to put itself at risk of confrontation in obtaining information. Please supply information  such as the name and address of the alleged offender together with a description of them and their dog, the date and time of the offence and the location of the offence, so that we can investigate. All information will be dealt with in strict confidence. Contact the enforcement team on 01205 314583.