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Central Park vandalism

More damage in Boston's public open spaces has occurred after vandals trashed a picnic bench in Central Park overnight on Wednesday (May 31).

They moved the wooden bench from its hard standing, leaving it in a destroyed state. Litter was left strewn around the area.

Boston Borough Council has made an appeal for anyone who sees this kind of anti-social behaviour to report it immediately by calling police on 101 and making a note of the location and time.

This will assist the council's CCTV operators in capturing evidence on the system to help track down the culprits.

Police are in radio contact with the CCTV operators and having a precise location and time can assist with a more immediate response to catch vandals in the act or track them as they leave, gathering identifying images which can be produced in evidence later.

The latest vandalism follows theft of plants from town centre planters and gardens and damage to trees.

An individual has been identified through CCTV footage as being responsible for previous multiple acts of vandalism and appropriate action is being taken.

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