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Cut-price battle with scourge of fly tipping

Dealing with fly-tipped rubbish in the last financial year cost the nation's council taxpayers around £50 million - enough to build two new secondary schools.

But thanks to a unique initiative Boston's costs for dealing with 1,256 fly-tipping incidents in 2016 reduced from almost £90,000 to just under £15,000.

While the war waged against those who deliberately spoil our towns, villages and countryside with litter and fly tipping may never be won Boston Borough Council is doing everything it can to tackle this problem, including taking enforcement action.

During 2016, at normal clean-up costs, council tax payers in Boston borough would have faced a bill for £89,928. Thanks to the Operation Fly Swat initiative costs were only £14,900.  The project is in conjunction with HM Prison North Sea Camp, which supplies free manpower from among inmates coming to the end of their sentences.

There are a total of seven partner organisations in the Boston area involved in Operation Fly Swat, including Witham Fourth Drainage Board, Black Sluice Drainage Board, the Environment Agency, Longhurst and Havelok Homes, Boston Mayflower, the borough council and North Sea camp.  They are all eager to tackle the issue of fly tipping and contribute financially to the partnership.  During 2016 rubbish was illegally fly-tipped on roads, footpaths,  residential areas, river banks and ditches and publicly owned land.

In 2016 fly-tips consisted of animal carcasses, asbestos, construction materials, commercial and domestic waste, clinical waste, chemical drums and fuel, electrical and white goods, garden waste, tyres and vehicle parts.

To help reduce litter and fly-tipping the council will take away additional waste left bagged at the side of your green bin and additional recycling at the side of your blue bin.  Additional bags for recycling are available, free of charge, from the council. The council can also arrange collection from your property and correct disposal of bulky items such as sofas, TVs, washing machines, fridges, etc. There is a small charge for this personal service. Go to

If you agree for someone else to take your rubbish away for you please ensure they have the correct waste carrier's licence. Not anyone with a van can offer this service. And if they take your waste away and dispose of it unlawfully you remain responsible for it and could well face a financial penalty. There have been instances recently of households being leafleted about gardening and rubbish removal services. Please be sure the person you engage is properly licensed. You can check whether the person you are engaging has the necessary waste carrier's licence at