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Parking changes in Boston Market Place

Simpler parking rules, including amendments to loading restrictions, have been introduced in Boston Market Place, helping motorists avoid an unnecessary ticket.

Following local consultation, the parking regulations covering the central area of the market place have been changed, with the previous no waiting restriction being enhanced with a ban on loading between the hours of 9am and 4pm. Under the loading ban, no vehicles can be parked in the area during its operational hours.

In the past, blue badge holders have been able to park here as they are exempt from no waiting restrictions. This has led to confusion, with other drivers parking nearby and being ticketed.

Additional loading bays have been created, allowing businesses to receive deliveries throughout the day and giving shoppers the ability to park in close proximity to shops if in the process of loading / unloading.

Matt Jones, from Lincolnshire County Council's parking enforcement team, said: "We hope that the new restrictions will be easier for people, making it less likely that drivers find a parking ticket when returning to their cars.

"It will also help keep the centre of the market place clear for pedestrians, creating a more attractive space for shoppers and visitors while helping to ensure the town centre remains a vibrant and thriving area.

"There are plenty of parking bays along the edges of the market place, so people should not have any serious difficulty in finding an alternative space. Please always check the parking signs before leaving the vehicle - it is the driver's responsibility to park correctly."

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