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A Different Day

By Karan Gupta

Throughout the project we have so far given you a sense of how fantastically multicultural Boston is but the point of the education was integration after all and this is what I will attempt to do now...

Did you know scientists have managed to classify snowflakes into 8 broad groups, 35 shapes and 121 categories? What does this tell us? It clearly illustrates how we can successfully group together snowflakes, each of which is completely unique. However, while in the case of humanity we can divide ourselves along the lines of religion successfully, we fail to comprehend how vast the differences are between us. Like snowflakes we would also have subdivisions such as our ethnicity and gender until each one of us had our own group. After all we are each also completely unique!

This truth that we are all different has the potential for huge change. Much of the conflict we see in the world is one 'group' against another and due to this our 'identity' compels us to take sides. When we realise that everyone in every group is unique what will that leave us with? Perhaps a country for each one of us at the end of it all...

By recognising our uniqueness we are not in fact dividing society further but will be able to unite in our humanity. We must also value these differences between people as our world would not function if it was not for the multitude of talents that enable different things to be accomplished. For example, my Indian name is often confused with the name Karen but the difference of one letter to make Karan is so significant that it changes a name with less than 100 years of history to one of over 3000 years. We should all be proud of our differences instead of trying to shape our identity based on similarities with others.

Consider the benefits: stereotypes would be completely eradicated, communities would unite in the name of humanity and we would no longer blame the majority for the actions of a small minority as the term majority would be meaningless.

Is there a solution; is there a way to promote these values? Perhaps humanity needs a worldwide celebration of our differences to bring unity. This may be overly ambitious for our time but it should at least get people thinking. Could there be a day every few years where this could realistically take place and not lose appeal? Can there be a day where we promote diversity, strengthen unity and spread a moral responsibility to challenge racial and religious discrimination? In the future are we possibly looking at something unprecedented in the history of humanity: a worldwide celebration every 4 years on February 29th?

It's the perfect day in which we celebrate our differences and will be known as 'A Different Day'...