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Christmas committee makes lights appeal

Christmas in Boston is the title of the small committee formed entirely of volunteers at a meeting at Boston Borough Council on March 16 which has been set up to take on the Christmas lights in town. We are completely independent from the council who will advise where necessary.

We are pooling all our resources together and making use of our individual contacts to make sure that Boston has Christmas lights to be proud of this Christmas 2017. The team consists of people from the business sector, electricians, fundraisers, designers and community leaders who all have something integral to add to this mission.

Our goal is to raise £10,000 minimum, which will be match-funded by BTAC pound for pound up to a maximum of £10,000. This will be achieved by the support from the community. We are calling on businesses and individuals who want Christmas lights the whole town can be proud of to come forward and be a part of this. Find us on Facebook introduce yourself and how you can help and let's start to generate ideas and have a conversation.

We are speaking to local businesses and are developing a plan which we hope will have the full support and assistance of the wider community in Boston town. As well as offering numerous options for individuals and businesses to take part, ranging from fundraising through crowdfunding or donations and just general helping out by spreading the message and raising awareness.

The first few years may be totally dependent on money coming in via grant funding, donations etc but we expect this to become a fully self-sustaining and ongoing annual project by the third year of operation and there are numerous business models from other parts of the country that we can imitate to achieve this ranging from council set-ups to community associations specifically set up to manage the Christmas lights in their area. We'll be looking at plans from previous years and all service providers to get a very clear idea and will be producing various milestones we'll be working hard to get to, ranging from the basic set-up to the 'dream' scenario, where we'd be able to purchase lights that we can still use in years to come.

Whether you're a business owner either in town or in the Borough, no matter how big or small your business - we want to hear from you. If you're an individual that wants to donate or have some big ideas, or experience you can impart - we want to hear from you. Email: Find us on Facebook and take part in the conversation We want to put on a lights display that families and children will love, gives them a real feel good factor, puts them in the Christmas spirit creating treasured memories for many years to come but more than this we want this to be overwhelmingly positive project because when Boston gets together it can really achieve great things.

The Christmas in Boston committee consists of Dylan Taylor, Becky Wood, Victoria Percival, Nathan Bryant, Julian Ross Thompson, Adrian Hewerdine, Julie Perrot, Andrea Maude, Mick Taylor, Darron Abbott

WEB: FB: Twitter: @bostonchristmas Email:

UPDATE 30/03/17
The first committee meeting as a newly formed group took place on Thursday night, March 30, at Municipal Buildings.
We are now approaching businesses in town with a view to seeing who wants to donate to make Christmas lights in Boston a reality.
We will shortly be accepting donations online and getting collection boxes on counters in town for those that can't access internet.
There are more plans to share in the coming weeks and we look forward to revealing them.
There's a real community aspect to this project, a coming together of people that genuinely care and want this to succeed and when Boston does that we do it better than anywhere else.
Be a part of it and get involved in your town's future for years to come.