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Beware of scam telephone calls

Residents are reminded to be cautious of giving bank details out to any cold caller after Boston Borough Council became aware of a possible telephone scam campaign operating in Lincolnshire.

A small number of elderly residents have been called by someone who was persistent in telling them their Council Tax had been reduced after their properties had been revalued and that they were eligible for a refund if they gave their bank details. 

The Council stresses that residents should be careful if they are ever asked for their bank details from someone calling them and where they have not initiated the call themselves. 

If it is a call from the Council's Revenues and Benefits department and the customer is unsure, then they can always end the call and ring back on 01205 314202. 

The only - and very rare - circumstances in which the council would ask a customer about their bank details is to verify the information it already holds.