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No charge, no fuss, easy-to-use online presence

Here's an opportunity for community groups throughout Boston borough to have a professional-looking online presence at no cost.

The borough council has been in touch with a communications company which offers a free service to community groups, clubs, charities, etc, giving them an online presence (to all intents and purposes a web site) without any of the associated techy complications.

If you have a website already, keep reading - this should still be of relevance. allows individual groups to publish to their own webpages (or existing website) and also to a community website (which would be managed by the council), and the sending of email newsletters to up to 250 subscribers. Updating your own site is as easy as typing a message, selecting an image, if you have one to illustrate, and making it live.

If you can write and send an email with a picture you can have a professional-looking web presence, and all at no cost other than a little of your time.

The council is excited at the prospect of community and charitable groups taking advantage of this growing platform, and would use content submitted to feature in the Boston Bulletin and other forms of promotion, such as the council website - - and Facebook and Twitter.

Please use the links below to learn more about and take a look at how groups, such as those in Woking, are using the service.

Please let us know if this is an initiative you, or any of your parish's community groups, would like to become involved with. If enough are found who want to be involved Boston Borough Council will take care of publicising your presence. Free training will also be available for groups which need it.

For those who want to go further, also offers a full package with extra features for a small fee. This includes functionality which connects to your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, allows emails to more than 250 subscribers and a printed newsletter function.