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Trip to Westminster - 19 September 2016

On Monday 19th September 2016, members of the Boston Youth Council were invited by Matt Warman MP to have a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament and to meet him for a Q/A session after the tour. The group had the opportunity to learn about the grand history of parliament as well as talk to their MP about their recent Educate and Integrate project and a number of other local issues pertinent to young people living in Boston.

Karan Gupta said:

As I walked past the Elizabeth Tower, a national symbol of pride and strength, and approached the unmistakeable Victoria Tower, I knew today was going to be spectacular.

We were initially able to escape the rain and take refuge in Westminister Hall - loving the experience because it was keeping us dry.  In the presence of all the other groups there, it also felt as though we were attending on the renowned ceremonies on state occasions.

We then had a tour of the Houses of Commons and House of Lords where we were able to witness the shift of power in Britain.  After this, I actually felt empowered and during our meeting with Mr Warman (MP Boston & Skegness), I asked questions on a range of issues like free transport to schools for under 18s, the Grammar School transport debate and recent changes to school-run exchange programmes.

Such a meeting with the MP should definitely be encouraged because we also got a sense of what the life of a representative is like, got to see him in his 'native environment' and understand the variety of responsibilities he possesses.  I would definitely want to the visit the Palace of Westminster again.


Ross Tarry said:

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Houses of Parliament.  I particularly enjoyed absorbing the historic information surrounding the Houses, how and when they were built and the sheer amount of changes that have been made of the years. As well as this I enjoyed observing the architecture of parliament and how different parts of the building were built at different times.

The highlights, were, for me, seeing all of the amazing paintings peppered throughout the building as well as seeing both the Houses of Common and Lords.

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