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Like water off a council team's back

It may have been one of the wettest and most miserable of weeks for a while, but that did not stop Boston Borough Council grounds staff from improving access for pedestrians along Spalding Road.

They were out in, at times, pouring rain, cutting back overgrowth from shrubs alongside the footpath and shovelling back weeds, grass and soil which had encroached.

In places, alongside one of the busiest roads into Boston, the useable footpath width has been doubled enabling pedestrians to walk safely, further away from traffic.

The work will continue until the whole length from the Liquorpond Street roundabout has been cleared.

Grounds staff have also removed shrubbery from around a bench near the sorting office in South End where there had been constant complaints about street drinkers congregating and leaving drink-related litter behind.

The shrubs had afforded them some privacy. The area is now open to view and will be grassed.

Pictured are Steve Phelps, nearest to camera, and Matt Sampson, hard at it in Spalding Road on Thursday morning. Thankfully the rain had stopped for awhile.

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