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Garden waste service is a winner

As jobs in the garden wind down with the approach of winter, an assessment of Boston borough's garden waste collection service shows it has been a success.

Residents voted with their wallets and purses to keep the service going this year and 81.5 per cent of those who used the service before there was a charge took advantage of regular kerbside collection of their garden waste.

Final garden waste collections for this growing season will be:

Week commencing November 21 for those who have their brown bin emptied during their green bin collection week (last collection Friday, November 25).

Week commencing November 28 for those who have their brown bin emptied during their blue bin collection week (last collection Friday, December 2).

Collections resume next year, week commencing February 27, but please remember that those who have signed up for their 2016 collections will receive these until  March 31.

Details about how to register and pay for the new round of garden waste collections will be published shortly.

If there are any changes to collection days from next spring, anyone affected will be notified during the winter break and we will be opening the window for payments well in advance of April to allow customers to pay.

Cllr Michael Brookes, the council's Cabinet member with responsibility for waste services, said: "The reasons for needing to charge to take away garden waste are well documented - central Government austerity measures, the council's budget gap and the fairness of only the users having to pay.

"I want to thank all those who signed up and paid to save the service. It has been gratifying to know that people value the service, and I hope they will all require it again next year.

"Collecting garden waste is the right thing to do for the environment. Long gone are the days when it was the acceptable thing to simply dump all waste into a giant hole in the ground, cover it over and forget about it.

"When the council collects your garden waste you can be assured that it will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly and economic way."

This year more than 5,000 tonnes of your garden waste was collected and processed to generate environmentally-friendly compost.

Residents are reminded that they must not put garden waste in their green or blue bins. This will contaminate waste bound for the Energy from Waste plant near Lincoln or for recycling. Contaminated bins will not be emptied.

All your waste bins - garden, general waste and recycled materials -  must be placed at the edge of your property with the handles facing outwards by 5.30am on the day of collection, or the night before. Bins should not be overfilled - for safe use of the tipping mechanism on the bin lorries, the bin lids must be shut prior to emptying. Please do not compact waste as it makes it difficult to unload it and some may get left in the bin.

If you generate additional waste that won't fit in your Green or Blue bins, we are happy to collect extra bagged household waste in black bags beside your bin or, if it is recycling, in the blue recycling bags which can be obtained at the Municipal Buildings or from your collections crew. We cannot take additional garden waste that won't fit in your Brown bin. Please advise us if before you put a larger number of black bags out so that we can advise the collection crews.  

Sorry, our bin men have a lot of properties to get to each day, so It is the responsibility of customers to return their bins to their own storage area.

They also appreciate a little thought so that access by the large bin lorry is not blocked to properties by thoughtlessly-parked vehicles. One badly-parked car can prevent a number of properties getting their bins emptied on time. Sometimes the bin men have opportunity to return the same day, in the hope the vehicle has moved, by this creates extra cost for everyone who pays council tax.