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Failing to clean up after your dog could cost you £100

Tough new rules to combat irresponsible dog owners could soon be in place in Boston borough.

The fixed penalty for failing to clean up after a dog could double to £100 and in addition dog owners could also be fined £100 for not being equipped to clean up, refusing to put a dangerous or nuisance dog on a lead and allowing their dog into an enclosed children's play area.

Boston Borough Council is consulting on the introduction of new powers to control dogs under the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 which allows councils to create a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) - the same legislation used to control street drinkers.

Members of the council's environmental enforcement team will be on the market on Wednesday from 9am to 3pm gathering opinions on the proposed new rules.

They will also be available to talk about other environmental issues such as littering and fly tipping and limited-edition Boston branded Bags For Life will be available for just £1.

The new controls will cover the whole of the borough and the PSPO will replace current outdated legislation and fixed penalties which do not reflect the severity of the offence.

Survey forms will be available on the market stall or can be filled in online at There are just four questions, one of which asks whether the maximum penalty should be upped from £50 to £75 or £100.

Deadline for responses is Friday, August 19.