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Get gardening - today is B-Day

Today is B-Day - brown bin day! Borough residents can now make arrangements for their garden waste to be collected and taken away for clean, green disposal.

Go online now to Garden Waste Collection Scheme to register your address for kerbside collection once a fortnight between March and December of your garden waste from your brown bin.

All the council needs is your full address, the number of brown bins you want emptying and your payment - £30 for your first bin and £15 each for any additional bins. It's a simple process. You will receive a confirmation email followed later by a letter with that all-important sticker for each of your bins.

The sticker on your brown bin is an indication to the binmen that you are properly registered and they will then empty your bin.

You must make sure you write your home address on your sticker with a permanent marker and apply the sticker to your bin (see picture). The binmen can use in-cab technology to double check the status.

Garden waste collections from Tuesday, March 1, are two weeks earlier than in previous years and will be carried out without a charge up to  April 1, after which you will need to have registered and paid for the service to continue to receive collections.

If you do not already have a brown bin for your garden waste and want to join the service, or want extra bins, you can order these when you sign up and pay to join the scheme. Each bin costs £25, including delivery to your home address.

For anyone who cannot use the online service they can register and pay by coming into the council offices at Municipal Buildings in West Street or they can register and pay by phone by calling 01205 311112.

Yellow tags will appear on bins as a reminder if you have not registered and paid in time, or you have registered and paid but forgotten to apply the bin sticker you received in the post. And this week all properties in the borough should receive a garden waste information leaflet giving all details about how to receive the service between March and December.

Residents have been urged not to be tempted to put garden waste into their green bin (household waste taken to the Energy from Waste plant near Lincoln, no longer sent to landfill) or their blue bin for recycled materials. This would contaminate the load and the bins will not be emptied.

Neighbours will be allowed to share a single bin where one bin is sufficient between two properties. But one resident will not be allowed to register for more than one bin and then share the second, or subsequent bins,  with a neighbour in order to avoid paying a second full registration charge of £30.

Brown bin properly labelled Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window  Brown bin properly presented Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
An example of a brown bin displaying its correctly-prepared registration sticker.  A brown bin correctly placed for emptying. Bins need to be properly presented by 5.30am on the day of collection