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Garden waste collection changes

Some properties are to have changes to the days their brown garden waste bins are emptied.

PLEASE NOTE that this service is chargeable from April 1. If you wish to continue with your collections please visit from February 23 to register and pay. Charges for the year are £30 for the first bin and £15 for any additional bins.


Starting on March 1 the following addresses will have their brown bin collected on the Tuesday of their green bin collection week.
FREISTON - Lowfields Lane Hobhole Bank, Hobhole Bank; BENINGTON - Fendyke Lane, Barrs Lane, West End Road, Lowfields Road, Bennington Hall Lane, Middle Mere Bank, Bede Crest; BUTTERWICK - Double Bank; LEVERTON - Ings Drove/Lane, Lentons Lane, Laceys Lane, Laceys Avenue, Laceys Drive, Laceys Close, Main Road, Meadow Bank; OLD LEAKE - The Gride, Southfields, Crackholt Lane, Pode Lane, Poplar Court, School Lane, Woodland Close, Giles Close, Lime Walk, Church Road, Meadow Way, Summerfields, Old Main Road, Vicarage Gardens, St Marys Way, Lime Close, Bert Allen Drive, Furlongs Lane, Hawthorne Road, Gride Bank, Foldhill Road, Chapel Road, Station Road, Commonside, Caleb Hill Road, Kent Road, Duke Road, Toftfield Lane, Green Lane, Millers View, Station Road, Hunstan Lane, Washdyke Lane, Lade Bank, Common Lane, Mere Drove, Midgate Lane, Forty Foot Lane, Buttercake Lane, Cowbroads Lane, Fellands Gate, Sandyford Lane, Sandyford Crest, Seadyke Road; WRANGLE - Gowt Bank, Lockham Gate, Washdyke Lane, Soulby Lane, Common Road, Broadgate, Tooley Lane, Charles Street, Elizabeth Avenue, Ivery Lane, Goldfen Bank, Gateroom Lane, Cragmire Lane, Double Bank, Bull Drove, Common Drove, Wrangle Bank, Claxy Bank, Broadgate, Manor Lane, Hall Lane, China Street, Park Lane.


Also starting on March 1 the following addresses will have their brown bin collected on the Thursday of their green bin collection week.
BOSTON - High Street, Nelson Way, Chapel Passage, Pulvertoft Lane, Edwin Street, Oxford Street, Stells Lane, Alford Terrace, Morton Terrace, Redstone Road, Church Road, Bradshaws Terrace, Windsor Bank (only those serviced via Bradshaw Terrace affected), Windsor Crescent, Wheeler Close, Hudsons Gardens, Kitwood Road, St Nicholas Road, Mill Road, Valentine Close, Mayflower Road, Wellington Road, Arbella Road, Pell Place, Winslow Road, Forbes Road, Brewster Road, Leverett Road, Burgess Close, Goodson Close, Laval Place,Dudley Close, Woad Farm Road; 
WYBERTON - Middlecott Close, Tytton Lane East, Wyberton Low Road, Heron Way, Bunkers Hill Lane, Low Road, Causeway East, Bell Court, Whittle Close, Stephenson Close, Fleming Court, Edison Way, The Old Dairy, Bayswood Avenue, Elmwood Avenue, Marsh Lane, Battery Lane, Marsh Avenue, Saundergate Lane East, Birch Close, Loveday Lane, Wyberton Roads, Streetway, Wileys Lane, Silt Pit Lane, Clatterdykes Road, Church Lane, Closshill Lane, Slippery Gowt Lane, Rowdyke Road.
A reminder label will be attached to the handle of your green bin.

Don't forget, Tuesday, February 23, will be the earliest opportunity for you to sign up for another growing season of collections from your kerbside of your brown bin. From that date you will be able to quickly and simply register and pay online for garden waste collections from March to December. The online address to use from February 23 will be This will be the quickest and easiest method. You can already use this web address to learn more about the service. 

Those who register and pay will receive a sticker to apply to each of their brown bins to indicate to the bin men which ones require emptying. Each sticker will be pre-printed with a space for you to write your home address with a permanent marker.

If you do not already have a brown bin for your garden waste and will want to join the service from March, wait until February 23 to get your bin ordered and sign up and pay to join the scheme. Each bin costs £25, including delivery to your home address. 

Residents have been urged not to be tempted to put garden waste into their green bin (household waste taken to the Energy from Waste plant near Lincoln, no longer sent to landfill) or their blue bin for recycled materials. This would contaminate the load and the bins will not be emptied.

For anyone who cannot use the online service they can register and pay by coming into the council offices at Municipal Buildings in West Street from February 23. 

There will also be opportunities to register and pay by phone by calling 01205 311112 from February 23.